Indicators that most influence the USD

17/12/2009 05:07




    1. Employment Report – published on 1st Friday of the month.  If Payroll employment is Up, it results to Bond market down, Stock market up & dollar up. If Unemployment rate is UP, it results to bond market up, stock market down, dollar down.
    2. International Trade report on 20th of month.
    3. GDP: last day of quarter.  If Up, bond market down, stock market up & dollar up.
    4. The Dow 30 has greatest influence on the dollar with positive correlation.
    5. The US Dollar Index - is a futures contract offered by New York Board of Trade. It is a trade-weighted average of 6 foreign currencies (EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, SEK, CHF) against the dollar. It reflects the dollar’s standing to other major currencies.   It is widely used to hedge risk in currency market or to take a position in USD without having risk exposure of a single currency pair.